• FishTalk Control

    Fishtalk Control 
    Extensive production control for aquaculture production, with unbeatable reporting capabilities and complete traceability.
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  • FishTalk Plan

    Fishtalk Plan
    A user-friendly, fast-to-use planning tool with rolling forecasts, scenarios, capacity planning and more.
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  • FishTalk Finance

    Fishtalk Finance
    Fishtalk finance extends Fishtalk with the financial dimension and provides costing, budgeting and reporting capabilities. 
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  • FishTalk Broodstock

    Fishtalk Broodstock
    Manage your broodstock, breeding process and egg production for complete traceability and control.
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  • FishTalk Modules

    Additional modules
    Extend Fishtalk with additional modules that seamlessly integrates into your existing installation and adds more functionality
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Fishtalk - Total control of your aquaculture production

Fishtalk is a comprehensive, scalable software solution for aquaculture production. Built on Microsoft SQL-server and Microsoft .net technology, the system supports control, planning, costing, and budgeting in one complete package and offers extensive reporting capabilities.

Fishtalk seamlessly integrates broodstock, freshwater and seawater production in a single system with complete traceability.

Everything from single sites to large companies with hundreds of production sites is handled in a single or distributed installation. To make sure you get the most out of Fishtalk, AKVA group Software provides local support through our many regional offices.


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